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Speaking Recount rpp

School                         : SMP NEGERI 11 Semarang
Grade / Semester         : VIII / I ( Gasal )
Subject                                    : English
Time Allocation          : 2 x 40 minutes
Academic Year           : 2012 
Text Type                    : Recount text
Skill                             : Speaking

Standar Kompetensi
     2.     Mengungkapkan makna dalam  teks tulis fungsional dan esei pendek
             sederhana berbentuk Descriptive dan Recount untuk berinteraksi dengan
Kompetensi Dasar
                            2.1  Merespon makna dan langkah retorika dalam esei pendek sederhana
                               secara lancar, akurat, dan berterima yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan
                               sekitar dalam text berbentuk Descriptive dan Recount.

Character Building
1.      Responding the monolog of Recount text
2.      Read a loud and clearly

I.       Learning Objective
In the end of the lesson, students can :
-                      Students can responding the monolog of recount text.
-                      Students can read a loud and clearly.

II.    Learning Material
Recount  Text

  -     Social function          : to retell the event to the reader or listener.
  -     Generic structure      : a. Orientation
                                            b. Event
                                            c. Re-Orientation
-    Language feature         :   - Use past tense
                                                 -  Focus individual participant
                                                 - Temporal conjunction
                                               - Material Process
      - Circumstance
                        Example :
On my holiday in second semester, I went to holiday in my friend’s house. Exactly in Batang city, I set out there by Coyo bus. On the way to Batang was around 2 hours. But it was pleasant enough.
After I arrived there, I was introduced to Mei’s family. There were very kind and friendly. They were her parents, her one brother, her grand father, and her grand mother.
I planned to holiday in Batang for 2 day’s. during I was there, I visited 2 kinds of tourist object. They were Sigandu beach and Pagilaran. In my first day, Mei and I went to Sigandu beach by motorcycle. We enjoyed the ambience in Sigandu beach. We spent our time there around 3 hours. It was really pleasant.
Then in my second day, we went to Pagilaran. Pagilaran is tea plantation where lie in Batang. The scene there was very beautiful and the air was very fresh and cool. Certainly, it was very different with Semarang air. There was spent our time to enjoy the scene while took our picture. We enjoy the beautiful scene there.
After feeling tired, we came back to Mei’s house. And in the same day, I came back to Semarang. I was accompanied by Mei. I was so happy holiday in Batang with my friends. And I certainly miss to holiday there in the other chance.

III.             Step of Learning Activity
Time (minute)
Opening Activity

1.      The students and teacher praying together
2.      Teacher a greet for students
3.      Teacher check the attendance

1.      The students and teacher praying together
2.      The students answer greet from teacher
3.      The students give information about their attendance
5 minutes


A.    Exploration
1.      Teacher ask the students about material
2.      Teacher share the worksheet
1.      The students can the respond

2.      The student get the worksheet
10 minutes

1.      Teacher explain about the materials

2.      Teacher give example of  material

1.      Students can respond about the teacher (active)
2.      Students can speak about the example (responsibility)
45 minutes


1.      Teacher giving motivation for students
2.      Teacher gives the summarizing about the material

1.      Students get the motivations

2.      Students listen the summarizing

4 minutes

1.      Teacher giving homework
2.      Ending the lesson
1.      Student get homework

2.      Students give respond for teacher
6 minutes

IV.             Teaching aid’s
-          Student Worksheet

V.                Learning Method
      Three-phase technique

VI.             Sources
-          English discourse competence,
-          http.// example of Recount text

VII.          Rubric of Assessment
Speaking Test
Pronunciation, intonation, stress
Less prefect
Some mistake
Many mistake
Rate, fluency
Smooth and fluent
Smooth and fluent enough
Less smooth and fluent
Not smooth and fluent
Vocabulary, grammar



Enriched of vocabulary, good grammatical
Effective vocabulary,  good grammatical
Rather effective vocabulary, less grammatical

Lack of vocabulary, not grammatical
Very clear
Clear enough
Less clear
Not clear
Gesture, Expression
Very good
Less good
Not good

VIII.       Scoring
Speaking test
1.      Maximum score for each student            : 20
2.      Maximum grade                                      : 100
Grade =           score   x 100
                      max. score
for example Andre gets score 18
then his grade will be      : 18 x 100     = 90
Semarang,   September 2012
                        Approved by,
              English Teacher                                                            PPL Teacher

Heti Prastiyani, S.Pd                                                   Ridha Purwanti
NIP. 197410072008012005                                       NPM. 09420320
                      STUDENT  WORKSHEET
Standard  Competence
2.   Mengungkapkan makna dalam  teks tulis fungsional dan esei pendek
      sederhana berbentuk Descriptive dan Recount untuk berinteraksi dengan
Basic  Competence
 2.1  Merespon makna dan langkah retorika dalam esei pendek sederhana
         secara lancar, akurat, dan berterima yang berkaitan dengan lingkungan
         sekitar dalam text berbentuk Descriptive dan Recount.

Question !
Please fill the blank with words in the box.
-          got                                                 -    went
-          paid                                               -    swam
-          played                                           -    ate
-          felt                                                 -    enjoyed
-          started                                           -    had
-          became

In Lamongan Park
                Last Saturday, Andy and his family (1) . . . . . . . to Lamongan Park. It is more than 83 kilometers from their city. They (2) . . . . . . . their trip at 6 am. It was long trip. They (3) . . . . . . . there at 8.30 am.
                 After that, they walked toward the entrance gate and (4) . . . . . . . the entarance fee. They had to stand in a long queue because it was so crowded.
                 Then, they walked around the park. They could see many animals, such as kind of cat, kinds of butterfly, kinds of bird, etc. those animal (5) . . . . . . . one of the interesting attractions on the park.
                 And then, they continued our walk toward playground. We (6) . . . . . . . some playgrounds and (7) . . . . . . . them. They continued our walk toward the swimming pool then (8) . . . . . . . in swimming pool.
                 Finally, they (9) . . . . . . . a rest in cafeteria and (10) . . . . . . . some of foods there. They (11) . . . . . . . very satisfied because that day was very wonderful and beautiful.       

                                           HAVE FUN n GOOD LUCK!

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