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School                         : SMP NEGERI 11 Semarang
Grade / Semester         : VIII / I ( Gasal )
Subject                                    : English
Time Allotment           : 2 x 40 minutes
Academic Years          : 2012
Text Type                    : Report Text
Skill                             : Reading

Standar Kompetensi
5.    Memahami  makna teks tulis fungsional dan esei pendek  sederhana
       berbentuk  procedure dan report untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan

Basic competence :         
5.1   Membaca nyaring bermakna teks fungsional dan  esei pendek sederhana
        berbentuk  procedure dan report  dengan ucapan, tekanan dan intonasi yang

Characters Building

1.      Read the text a load and clearly
2.      Identify characteristic of Recount text

Team work

I.                   Learning Objective
In the end of the lesson, student can :
-          Students can read the text a load and clearly
-          Students can identify characteristic of recount text
II.                Learning Material
Definition of Report
Report is a text which presents information about something, as it is. It is as a result of systematic observation and analysis
Generic Structure of Report
1. General classification: Stating classification of general aspect of thing; animal,
    public place, plant, etc which will be discussed in general
2. Description: Describing the thing which will be discussed in detail; part per
    part , customs or deed for living creature and usage for materials
Language Feature of Report
• Introducing group or general aspect
• Using conditional logical connection; when, so, etc
• Using simple present tense

Contoh teks Report

Orangutans or Pongo pygmaeus belong to the Primate order. The orangutan spends most of its time in trees. Each 1.______it builds a new treetop nest. They are endangered because of habitat lost and poachers keep on killing, owning, and exporting orangutans. They only live on the island of 2._____ and in the northern corner of the island of Sumatra. Orangutans are characterized by rough, long, reddish-brown fur. Male orangutans are about 95 cm (37 in) in length and about 77 kg (170 lb) in weight. Females are smaller, reaching about 78 cm (31 in) in height and weighing only about 37 kg (81 lb). The male has puffy cheeks and a 3.______ throat-pouch. This pouch contains air sacks that help produce a groaning, bubbling call, which can be heard at least 1 km (0.6 mi) away. Half of the orangutan’s diet consists of fruit, but they also eat young leaves, soft inner bark, termites, eggs, and occasionally monkeys. When a female is ready to mate, she will seek out an adult male. Orangutan are mammals; females give birth to a single infant about 4.______ every four to eight years. The gestational period for orangutans is just under nine months, nearly the same as in human beings. Infants stay very close to their mothers for the first 5.____ years until they don’t consume their mother’s milk.

III.             Learning Method
-          Presentation
-          Question and Answer
-          Lecturing
-          Exercise

IV.             Step of Learning Activity
Time (minute)
Opening Activity

1.      The students and teacher praying together
2.      Teacher give a greeting for students

3.      Teacher check the attendance

4.      Teacher ask the assignment given last meeting
1.      The students and teacher praying together
2.      The students answer greeting from teacher
3.      The students give information about their attendance
4.      Student can respond
5 minutes


A.    Exploration
1.      Teacher ask the students about review of report text

2.      Teacher share the worksheet
3.      Teacher read the text aloud
1.      The student explore about the teacher learning
2.      The student get the worksheet
3.      Student (team work)  listen and repeat after teacher (active)
20  minutes

1.      Teacher analyze about the example

1.      Students analyze the Report text

35 minutes

1.      Teacher ask answer the question together
2.      Teacher giving motivation for students
3.      Teacher gives the summarizing about the material

1.      Students answer the question together
2.      Students get the motivations

3.      Students listen the summarizing

15 minutes

1.      Teacher giving homework
2.      Ending the lesson
2.      Student get homework
3.      Students give respond for teacher
5 minutes

V.                Teaching Aids
-          Broad marker
-          White board
-          Book / Worksheet
-          Media

VI.             Source
BSE Scaffolding Grade VIII Joko Priyono dkk page 1-15
BSE Contextual Teaching and Learning VIII Edition 4 Utami Widiati dkk page 21-35
http.// example of recount text

VII.          Assessment
Reading test ( 5 Question )
Correct answer score 2
Writing test ( maximal score 5 )
Assessment Criteria
Good content, grammar, and punctuation
Sufficient content, grammar, and punctuation
Poor content, grammar, and punctuation

Total Score
                         Reading test + Writing test = Total score

Semarang,    September 2012
Approved by,
English Teacher                                                     PPL Teacher

Heti Prastiyani, S.Pd                                             Ridha Purwanti
NIP. 197410072008012005                                 NPM. 09420320


5.    Memahami  makna teks tulis fungsional dan esei pendek  sederhana
       berbentuk  procedure dan report untuk berinteraksi dalam konteks kehidupan

5.1   Membaca nyaring bermakna teks fungsional dan  esei pendek sederhana
        berbentuk  procedure dan report  dengan ucapan, tekanan dan intonasi yang

Sanitation at Home
A home is a place where people cook, eat sleep and look after their children. It protects people from harsh weather – cold, rain, wind, the burning rays of the sun-as well as from insects, animals and other dangers, so a home is a very important place for people to live.
Sanitation at home is important. People can do a lot about improving some of their living conditions in which they live. They should refrigerate food properly or store it carefully to keep it away from bacteria, and they should not leave food lying around because it may attract insects and rats. To Avoid these pests, proper care of garbage is also very important.

Careful housekeeping is extremely important to sanitation and food health. People should keep all parts of the house neat and clean by sweeping and mopping them, such as bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. They should tidy up the bedroom, scrub bathroom and kitchen often, and use disinfectants freely. Sanitary condition of a house protects people from germs but health problems not caused by germs are a growing challenge in the field of sanitation today.

1. The author is primarily concerned with describing …
        a.  the importance of having a good home
        b.  how people should keep their house tidy
        c.  the ways people should obey to have good sanitation
        d.  the danger of leaving their meal open
    2.  According to the author …
         a.  house is the most important thing to have
         b.  people should store their meal in refrigerator
         c.  people should be aware of getting bad environment
         d.  flies, rats, ants and many other insects need our protection
     3.  Which one of the words below has similar meaning to sanitary ?
           a. dirty d. soiled
           b. waste e. health
           c. clean

     4. The word it paragraph 1, sentence 2 refers to …
            a.  a home
            b.  child
            c. a place
            d. weather

Healthy Water and Its Problem
Water is very precious to people. They use it in almost activities they do. Primarily, they use water for domestic purposes such as drinking, food preparation, bathing cleaning, and watering plants. Secondarily, water is used for industrial processes, commercial protect. Realizing how important water is for drinking and food preparation. Clean water which is free from disease-causing bacteria should always be available. Boiling water is the traditional way to get healthy drinking water. Clean and healthy water is also necessary for bathing and cleaning; fish and plants need water which is free from pollution.
As the population of the world increases, people are now facing a serious problem of water pollution, especially in big cities. The growth of population does not cope with the development of housing facility. Consequently, too many people live in one area, and environmental cleanliness cannot be controlled very well. People’s activities are chemical substances that affect the natural condition of water of its intended use. Organic wastes from homes and industries contaminate the water. As the result, waterways like rivers, lakes, and even oceans are subjected to pollution. This polluted water is harmful to living things that consume it. Plants cannot grow well and do not yield good quality fruit. Fish do not grow and breed properly. This in turn, will affect the health of people who consume them
Water pollution is really a problem for all people. They however cannot overcome this individually. They need to cooperate as responsible citizens. They should not throw away domestic wastes everywhere. They must not dump harmful substances into the rivers. Industries must realize the importance of recycling rubbish. And above all, they should not let the chemical waste get into the rivers or other public waterways.

5.  The following are the primary uses of water except …
       a. preparation of food
       b. swimming –pools
       c. cleaning
       d. bathing
 6.  Water is very precious because …
       a.  it is not available everywhere
       b. we cannot use it everyday
       c. we use it in almost all activities
       d. it is hard to get
7.  We realize how important water is, so we have to …
       a. find more water
       b. boil the water
       c. use as little water as possible
       d. explore the earth for more water
8.  What do fish and plants need ? They need …
       a. uncontaminated water
       b. a large quantity of water
       c. clean and healthy water
       d. water from rivers
9.   Why do big cities have serious water problems? Because …
       a. water is difficult to find
       b. they need too much water
       c. water is needed there
     d. too many people live in one area
10.  We need … for bathing and cleaning.
       a. a warm water
       b. a lot of water
       c. clean and healthy
       d. water from natural sources

have fun N good luck

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